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central bark dog grooming cute pup in soapy waterOur full service package includes an ear cleaning and plucking, nail trim, a relaxing hydro-therapy bath with a shampoo and conditioner picked for your dogs specific skin and coat type. Followed by a fluff dry, and your desired breed specific or pet trim style. We offer a vast selection of trims that can be tailored to your pet's life style, in a clipper or hand scissored style. Try our creative touches to make your pet the bark about town.

Our spa treatments are configured of all natural and organic product lines designed to help maintain the natural ph balance of pets skin, and repair environmental or conditional damages to the skin tissue.

Please call to get a more precise quote for your pets requirements. Each service provided is priced depending on time, breed, type of style, condition of the coat, and behavior of the pet in our care. 

Grooming frequency is determined and based depending on the dogs coat type, lifestyle, desired style, and home maintenance.  Typically, most styles require professional salon appointments in 4 to 8 week intervals.

To help ensure the health and safety of pets, we do not accept pets requiring a haircut, who have surpassed 10 weeks between grooming intervals.


Natural Coated Breeds

  • Small $48+
    Medium $52+
    Large $60+

Furminator and Full Shedless packages are available for natural coated breeds, at additional charges.

Furminator Package is a brushing treatment which helps reduce the hair that is presently shedding, and to help decrease the hair that will fall during the next shed cycle.

Full Shedless Package includes the Furminator treatment in combination with a shampoo and conditioner formulated to help reduce shedding. Both treatments can help reduce the amount of loose hair in your house from 60% up to 90% with a regular grooming schedule.

central bark dog grooming pup with brushes

Hair Cuts

  • Small $65+
    Medium $72+
    Large $90+

Dematting or pelting charges are in addition to the regular grooming charge. Dematting is $ 1 per minute. Pelting charges start at $ 25 and occur when matting is close to the skin and the hair is removed in one entire section. We do not groom pets whom have been sedated, as they should be under constant supervision of a veterinarian for their health and safety.


Additional Services

  • Anal Gland Expression $10
    Nail Grinding $10 (with groom)
    Asian Fusion Scissoring $20+
    Medicated Shampoo $10
    Shedless Package $15+
    Deep Conditioning $10
    Teeth Brushing $10
    Teeth Scaling $50+
    Spay/Neuter Prep Shave $10+

* Please note we do not express anal glands or pluck ears of pets who are not our regular clients.


Additional Fees

  • Long Coat Maintenance $30+
    10+ Week Liability Fee $5+
    Rate for overdue pets $75/Hr
    Helper Required $5+
Cancellation Fee less than 48 Hrs before appointment: 50%

Daycare services are in addition to grooming appointments and tailored to accommodate clients who require their pets to stay in our care longer than the 4 hours required for grooming. After 4 hours in our care, we will let your pet out for a potty break, and daycare charges will apply.

We book a minimal amount of dogs to groom per day to ensure the highest possible quality of service, health and safety of every pet left in our care. We require 48 hours' notice to cancel an appointment or a 50% cancellation fee will apply. No shows will also be charged 50% of their groom total for that day.

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